The history of torture in Kyrgyzstan: “Used combat sambo techniques to protect oneself”

According to the Coalition against Torture, in Kyrgyzstan torture is used systematically and remains a common practice in prisons, boarding schools and senior centres. In Kyrgyzstan, local judges have considered 44 criminal cases upon statements of torture. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: People Want President and Government to Be Put on Trial. What for?

Daniil Lyapichev 15.07.20

A TV journalist, Raushan Aitkulova, filed a petition to the General Prosecutor’s Office against the president of Kyrgyzstan, Sooronbai Zheenbekov, and the government saying they were guilty of coronavirus deaths. (more…)

Transboundary Waters of Central Asia: the Role of Kyrgyzstan in Saving the Aral Sea

Kyrgyzstan’s views on how to manage the water resources formed on its territory are at variance with the provisions determined by the Aral Sea Saving Fund.


Kyrgyzstan: Who and How Much Did the State Pay for Fighting Covid-19?

Olga Ruslanova 10.07.20

The majority of health workers were covered by compensations in March. However, the highest extra payments were made in April and May.


Test: How to Get Alimony for a Child in Kyrgyzstan?

Inna Aksenova 07.07.20

There are nearly four thousand alimony non-payers with debts ranging from 260 to 20 thousand dollars in Kyrgyzstan. Take a test prepared by CABAR.asia and try to win justice and alimony payments from a second parent of your child. 

Perks of Kyrgyzstan’s Participation in International Organizations Illustrated by the OSCE Membership

Kanatbek Abdiev 06.07.20

“Prospects of the Kyrgyz – OSCE partnership will become even more pertinent in the light of sweeping global security issues like climate change, resilient pandemics, devastating wars, terrorist threats, and cybersecurity,” expert Kanatbek Abdiev analyzes Kyrgyzstan’s participation in the OSCE in an article just for CABAR.asia. (more…)

Test: How well do you know prime ministers of Kyrgyzstan?

CABAR.asia 03.07.20

Take a test prepared by CABAR.asia and check how well you know about activities of heads of the Kyrgyz government.  (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Human Rights Activist’s Fate Depends on the Public

CABAR.asia 26.06.20

 Initiation of a criminal case and arrest of human rights activists Kamil Ruziev drew public response in the civil society of Kyrgyzstan. His colleagues believe security agencies will act in the case of the human rights activist depending on the public reaction. (more…)

Divorce and Alimony: What Do Women in Kyrgyzstan Struggle for in Courts?

The most widespread lawsuits that women in Kyrgyzstan file are divorce and recovery of alimony payments. They make 85 per cent of all family cases at bar.

Coronavirus puts Tajik-Kyrgyz border negotiations on hold

As the number of clashes and conflicts increases, the local population on both sides demands from their authorities more active and effective work in resolving disputes along the border.