Bolot Isaev 02.04.21

Formally, law-enforcement and security officers may be imprisoned for torture during detention and custody of a citizen. In practice, the victims can hardly reach it as it is almost impossible. (more…)

Andrey Grishin 01.03.21

In 2020, 63 criminal cases under article 146 “Torture” of the Criminal Code were registered in Kazakhstan, according to the Legal Statistics and Special Records Committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office. Only 11 of them were brought to court.


According to the Coalition against Torture, in Kyrgyzstan torture is used systematically and remains a common practice in prisons, boarding schools and senior centres. In Kyrgyzstan, local judges have considered 44 criminal cases upon statements of torture. (more…) 23.04.20

Human rights defenders urge the authorities to take decisive vigorous measures to eradicate this cruel and inhumane practice in prisons and other closed institutions. (more…)