Why Did Kazakhstan Announce Easing of Quarantine Rules?

Yuriy Buluktayev 29.04.20

“Now the question is what position the post-quarantine will put the people in. The coronavirus epidemic cancels many of the earlier gains for one and all,” political analyst Yuriy Buluktayev notes in his article for (more…)

The Transit of Power in Kazakh Way: Year One

«What did the first transit year bring with it? The management system is being rebuilt and becoming more complicated, the elite is harmonizing in new realities, and processes have begun to go to institutions,» – mentioned political observer Baurzhan Tolegenov, in an article written specifically for


President Permits Protests. How Kazakhstanis Exercise Their Right to Protests?

Bagdat Asylbek 01.10.19

On September 28, an authorised protest of Kazakhstan feminists was held in Almaty. This was the first authorised protest action after the message of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev to the people of the country, in which he told to permit peaceful protests.

How Can Tokaev Make Use of National Council of Public Trust?

Askar Mashayev 20.09.19

«A belief that the second president is a resigned executor of the will of the first is widespread in Kazakh society. But this is a philistine look. If so, Elbasy would not rebuild the party of power encroaching on the current presidential vertical», – Askar Mashaev, Kazakhstan observer, notes in his article for (more…)

State of the Nation Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2019: high expectations and challenges in implementation

«Tokaev’s first state of the Nation Address is not aimed at epochal transformations but intended at on concrete actions with small-step tasks,» – Zhaslan Nurbaev, an independent researcher, notes in his article for (more…)