“From time to time, negative incidents related to the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as the use of torture, beatings and frequent cases of corruption in the ranks of the internal affairs bodies, only strengthen the negative attitude of ordinary citizens towards their “defenders”, mentions Farkhod Mirzabaev, an independent analyst, participant of the School of Analytics from Tashkent.

(more…) 04.07.20

   The financial market of Tajikistan is subject to imbalances and is not able to fully perform its functions, considers Bahrom Sharipov, Doctor of Economics. Further reforms are needed in the financial market to form it as a system of integrated segments, Bahrom Sharipov notes in an article written specifically for (more…) 27.06.20

Tajikistan has a complex tax administration system and high tax burden on manufacturing enterprises, the World Bank said in a report. Experts Manouchehra Madchonova and Merali Bodurshozoda in an article specially for say that in the near future a new version of the Tax Code of the Republic of Tajikistan will be submitted for public discussion.

«Tokaev’s first state of the Nation Address is not aimed at epochal transformations but intended at on concrete actions with small-step tasks,» – Zhaslan Nurbaev, an independent researcher, notes in his article for (more…)