True or False: What Fakes were Distributed During Disorders in Kyrgyzstan?

Daniil Lyapichev 21.10.20

Amid disorders in Kyrgyzstan after the parliamentary election of October 4, 2020, much fake news was published on the internet. Can you distinguish between truth or fake?


Protests in Kazakhstan: From Tariffs to Transition of Power 16.12.19

There’s no official statistics regarding the number of protests in Kazakhstan. Therefore, the only source of information is publications in the media and data provided by non-governmental organisations.

Kyrgyzstan: “Re:Action” Against Corruption

According to experts, civil control over the activities of the authorities will strengthen; however, they don’t expect any real actions against Raimbek Matraimov, whose name appears in the investigation of the illegal withdrawal of millions of dollars from Kyrgyzstan. 

President Permits Protests. How Kazakhstanis Exercise Their Right to Protests?

Bagdat Asylbek 01.10.19

On September 28, an authorised protest of Kazakhstan feminists was held in Almaty. This was the first authorised protest action after the message of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev to the people of the country, in which he told to permit peaceful protests.

Detentions and Blocks in Kazakhstan: What Will Tokayev Do Next?

Assem Zhapisheva 14.05.19

On May 9, several mass protests demanding fair elections took place in several towns of Kazakhstan. This is not the first campaign after the change in the country’s leadership and the announcement of early election; however, it is the first one that is characterised by relatively violent preventive and response measures taken by the authorities.