Regulation of NGOs in Uzbekistan: Control or Partnership?

Dilmurad Yusupov 13.03.20

«Unnecessary regulation of the non-governmental non-profit sector, the maintenance of bureaucratic hurdles and the prevalence of the control functions over building an equal social partnership – all together impede the development of civil society in Uzbekistan», experts Dilmurad Yusupov and Oybek Isakov note in their article for


Why is it Difficult to Open an NGO in Uzbekistan?

Dilmurad Yusupov 14.01.20

«Excessive bureaucratic hurdles, a lengthy registration process, language barriers, low legal literacy and absence of legal support combined with unwritten rules of “expertise” complicate the formation of a genuine civil society in Uzbekistan», – mentioned Dilmurad Yusupov, specialist in inclusive development, and Oybek Isakov, Chairperson of the Association of Disabled People of Uzbekistan in an article, written specifically for