Public and civil society should not allow the authorities to abuse digital technologies and restrict the rights of users to freedom of speech, said in an interview for Inga Sikorskaya, the Central Asian media expert, director of the research center the School of Peacemaking and Media technologies in Central Asia. (more…)

In 2020, the number of internet frauds in Kazakhstan increased by 70.6 per cent, according to the legal statistics and special records committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office.


Zulfiya Raissova 11.11.20

According to experts, the problem of ungraded schools can be solved with developed infrastructure and high-speed internet access.


Daniil Lyapichev 29.07.20

Take a quiz and learn how well you know how to protect yourself on the internet and what to do if you were hacked.


E-government has been discussed for 10 years in Tajikistan. However, despite the growing number of Internet users, the e-government has not become a part of citizens’ daily lives. (more…)

Assem Zhapisheva 22.08.19

Developers of Google and Mozilla Firefox plan to implement protections from  Kazakhstan’s governmental security certificate so as  not to compromise users’ personal data.