What Can Kyrgyzstan Learn from Georgia’s Approach to Cyber Security?

«Georgia and Kyrgyzstan are similar in myriad of ways, including Soviet past, lack of resources, turbulent political history, and other features when it comes to political and economic landscape of the two countries. Thus, it will be nothing but wise and useful for the government of Kyrgyzstan to examine the Georgian approach and experiences in the sphere of cyber security», – notes Nurbek Bekmurzaev, independent researcher, participant of the School of Analytics from Bishkek.


Are Georgian Reforms Applicable to Kazakhstan?

Khadisha Akayeva 11.07.19

Kazakhstan, unlike Georgia, is in crisis, which it has successfully overcome some time ago. However, according to the studies, mere repetition of some reforms won’t fit the Central Asian states.


Child Abuse in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia: Similar Issues, Different Approaches

Bermet Ulanova 03.07.19

In both countries, families become mainly child abusers.


IWPR: Central Asia-based Journalists Trained in Georgia

They are the most active participants of IWPR programme “School of Analytic Journalism”.

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia: From Quantity to Quality

For further development of tourism sector, we need to transit from quantity to quality by switching to a higher paid market, according to experts of both countries.