How to Become Financially Literate? Explanation with Cards

Anara Abdullaeva 26.11.20

Money handling requires knowledge and skills. Especially in such countries as the republics of Central Asia, where, according to various estimates, almost one third of population live below the poverty line.

Kyrgyzstan: the year of 2020 showed clearly dependence of the budget from external sources

Due to political situation, some foreign partners of Bishkek authorities suspended financial assistance. (more…)

Could the Growing National Debt of Kyrgyzstan Lead to Default?

Nazik Imanbekova 04.11.20

«In the event of financial instability in Kyrgyzstan, multilateral creditors may increase the interest rates on loans or even refuse from further financing», Nazik Imanbekova sums up in an article for CABAR.asia.


What do you know about the government budget? Test your knowledge!

The laws of Kyrgyzstan allow the citizens to put their government budget under control. How well are you aware of these mechanisms? (more…)

Kazakhstan: Were the Billions of Dollars Effectively Spent on Countering COVID-19?

Asel Sultan 12.08.20

The coronavirus pandemic cost all countries a lot. Kazakhstan spent almost $13 billion on countering COVID-19, but the mass infection was not prevented. There was a shortage of medicines and hospital beds. (more…)

How Will the Economy of Kazakhstan Recover From the Coronavirus?

CABAR.asia 25.05.20

Economists predict global economic collapse amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kazakhstan, an oil-producing country with a non-diversified economy will be adversely affected.