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IWPR holds training in interactive teaching methods for officers of government agencies

After the training, officers of ministries and agencies will be holding effective lectures and presentations on legal culture for high school and university students.

For two days, trainers at the IWPR training “Interactive Methods of Teaching Legal Culture” have been telling about traditional and non-traditional systems of education, about learning algorithms, methods, and efficiency. Also, participants have learned how to hold trainings, lectures and presentations, how to prepare for them and make them exhaustive.

Training participants have applied all the newly acquired information in practice. At the end of the training, participants have divided into small groups and held model presentations and lectures, being able to see the point and principle of such events and point out all necessary peculiarities.

Among participants of the training have been the officers of the headquarters of some ministries and agencies, including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, General Prosecutor Office, Supreme Court, State Tax and Customs Services, as well as Ministry of Labour, SRS, Ministry of Transportation, Ombudsman Institute, etc.

“I have learned about the method of trainings and lectures, to deliver information and choose appropriate wording for my presentations and lectures to make them understandable for university and high school students,” Ermek Kulushev, Senior Prosecutor of the General Prosecutor Office , said. “Practical trainings have been very important to solidify newly acquired knowledge and to apply individual approach to the audience, to make information comfortable and understandable.

“I have liked the training approach – it’s been easy but substantial, the trainers have been well prepared,” Begaiym Samudinova, officer of the Supreme Court Headquarters of the Kyrgyz Republic, shared her opinion. “Every piece of information, methods and approaches have been clearly stated and delivered to us in the easy-to-understand manner; the theory has involved interactive methods and practical training, so we will use these methods in our lectures and presentations.”

The two-day training has been held as part of collaboration between the IWPR Representative Office in the Kyrgyz Republic and Ministry of Justice as part of implementation of the Concept for improvement of legal culture in Kyrgyzstan. Within this concept, IWPR has already held a series of trainings on giving effective and interesting lectures on the legal subject for the officers of the Ministry of Justice, as well as for regional officers of various agencies in Osh and Jalalabad regions.

Communications trainings are the significant component of improvement of legal culture among people, as far as the right and interesting data submission depends on how high school and university students, ordinary people will be taking legal information, understand and penetrate into the content of their lectures and presentations.

“To make the lectures and meetings with the officers of government agencies more efficient, the IWPR Representative Office in the Kyrgyz Republic improves the communication skills of officers of legal departments of ministries and agencies, teaches them to deliver legal information as easily and understandably as possible for the wide audience,” IWPR Programme Manager Meerim Shamudinova said.

More details on previous IWPR trainings:

Upon the end of the training, all participants – heads of headquarters of various ministries and agencies – shall hold lectures on legal issues among their activities (social protection, financial literacy, taxes, etc.) for high school and university students.

These events are intended for the general improvement of the legal culture among the population, which contain meetings and outreach work with the population of the republic in addition to the lectures at educational institutions.

IWPR training “Interactive Methods of Teaching Legal Culture” was held under the IWPR project “Investigative Journalism to Promote Democratic Reform: Linking Human Rights Organisations, Government Officials and the Media” funded by the European Union. IWPR, as part of cooperation with Ministry of Justice, is planning to organise a series of similar trainings in the nearest future.

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