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How Well Do You Know Your Labour Rights? Take a Quiz!

Many workers in Kyrgyzstan are unaware of their labour rights. This quiz will help you to fill the gap in your knowledge.

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Although Kyrgyzstan declares itself a legal state, in fact the reality is far from what is written in law. This is proven in many spheres, including in the labour market. The volume of black economy in the country varies from 20 to 50 per cent, according to various estimates. This, in turn, reflects on the violation of labour rights by employees. Very often, workers in the private sector work without a labour contract and earn envelope wages, which affects negatively their pensions and the volume of fiscal charges.

Despite the fact that the Labour Code of the Kyrgyz Republic guarantees annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and other benefits, the workers in the private sector got used to working under verbal agreement without any guarantees. If more people demanded compliance with the Labour Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, more employers would comply with the rules. However, employees must know their rights. Take our quiz and test your knowledge.


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