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Funeral Payment. Who Can Get It And How Much One Can Get?

In Kyrgyzstan, the state partially compensates for expenses incurred by citizens for the arrangement of the funeral. However, few people are aware of it, although all citizens can get it according to the funeral payment regulations.

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The payment is provided to claimants in case of death of workers of organisations, enterprises, sole proprietors, farmers, officially unemployed, receivers of social allowances, and pensioners. Also, funeral payment is provided to the above categories in case of death of their dependants. Moreover, the payment is given to the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who have died outside the country and unemployed people who are not registered.

If the claimant falls under a few categories of payment, they can choose only one of them. In case of death of a pensioner or his dependants, Social Fund will make the funeral payment.

In case of death of a worker or worker’s dependant, the employer shall make the payment. Later, he can get a refund of this amount from the republican budget. But if a worker has died on the job, all expenses shall be paid by the employer.

All payments for the above categories of citizens are made from the republican and local budgets. To claim the payment, one has to refer to the district department of the Ministry of Social Development and Labour.

Who is a dependant?

A dependant is a person who relies on another citizen for full support. Their income should be the principal and permanent source of subsistence of the dependant.

Dependants may be:

  • Children from birth to 18 years of age, including adopted children, step children;
  • Full-time students before they reach 23 years of age;
  • Siblings, grandchildren before 18 years of age, if they don’t have employable parents;
  • Parents, husband, wife – if they have reached the age of retirement or qualify as people with disabilities by the date of death of a citizen.

What is the amount of the funeral payment?

The amount of the funeral payment is determined on the basis of the current average wage in the country in 2010, and the basic pension for pensioners in 2017. 

For example, in case of death of an employee, the claimant will receive a payment in the amount of 100 per cent of average wage in 2010, i.e. 7189 soms.

In case of death of a farmer, sole proprietor, receiver of social allowance or unemployed, the claimant will receive 50 per cent of average wage, i.e. 3595 soms.

In case of death of dependants of the above categories, but the dependant of the worker, the payment will be 20 per cent of the wage, i.e. 1438 soms.

In case of death of unemployed who doesn’t registered, the payment will be 1438 soms.

The maximum amount of the funeral payment is paid in case of death of a pensioner – 10 basic pensions, i.e. 17800 soms. In case of death of a pensioner’s dependant, Social Fund will pay 3 basic pensions, i.e. 5340 soms.

How to get the payment?

To get the funeral payment, one should submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the claimant’s ID card;
  • Death certificate (form No. 8);
  • Certificate from the last place of resident of the deceased and the claimant;
  • Certificate from the funeral office or a neighbourhood committee confirming the fact of funerals;
  • A copy of birth certificate / marriage certificate (for dependants);
  • A copy of land plot use/lease certificate;
  • A copy of sole proprietor registration certificate/copy of patent (for sole proprietors);
  • A copy of the charter of the farm (for farmers);
  • A certificate from the head of farm confirming the membership in the farm (for farmers);
  • A certificate of social allowance (for receivers of social allowance);
  • A certificate confirming the status of officially unemployed (for unemployed);
  • Death certificate of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic issued by foreign authorities (for a citizen deceased outside the Kyrgyz Republic).

The funeral payment is paid if the claimant applies for it no later than 6 months after the date of receipt of the death certificate. The claimant may issue a power of attorney to another person for receiving the payment.

The funeral payment is paid at the place of the claimant’s residence.

This article was prepared as part of the Giving Voice, Driving Change – from the Borderland to the Steppes Project implemented with the financial support of the Foreign Ministry of Norway. The opinions expressed in the article do not reflect the position of the editorial or donor.

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