5-Stan Podcast: The Problems of Tourism Industry Development During the Crisis Following COVID-19 Pandemic in Tajikistan 30.06.20

The world has yet to assess the damage from the economic crisis that erupted during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, its destructive consequences appear already, and the tourism industry was the first to experience them. This podcast episode reveals how tourism in Tajikistan was affected and whether the damage to this sector of the country’s economy can be reduced. (more…)

Divorce and Alimony: What Do Women in Kyrgyzstan Struggle for in Courts?

Inna Aksenova 26.06.20

The most widespread lawsuits that women in Kyrgyzstan file are divorce and recovery of alimony payments. They make 85 per cent of all family cases at bar.

How Will the Quotas for Female Applicants to Uzbek Universities Work?

Louisa Atabaeva 23.06.20

According to the presidential decree, starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, a 4% budget quota for female applicants to universities will be introduced In Uzbekistan. Below, we examine the details. (more…)

Uzbekistan: COVID-19 Tests Agricultural Sector To the Limit

The agricultural sector of Uzbekistan employs 44 per cent of national workforce, this sphere makes 17.6 per cent of the national GDP. (more…)

How Much Will COVID-19 Cost for Kyrgyzstan?

Olga Ruslanova 11.06.20

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every single country in the world. Kyrgyzstan was no exception. Despite the fact that rates of infection and mortality in the republic are relatively low compared to other states, the country’s economy has been severely affected by internal restrictions and borders closure.

Coronavirus Impact on Employment in Kazakhstan

Zulfiya Raissova 09.06.20

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted the economy and job security in Kazakhstan. One of the outbreak’s devastating effects has been the income loss for businesses in hospitality and catering, manufacturing, retail, as well as commercial and administrative activities. What about employment before and during the crisis?


Infographics: How Has the Composition of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Changed Since 1999?

Zulfiya Raissova 05.06.20

Experts are not confident that 30% quota for women and youth will significantly change the political agenda of Kazakhstan. In their opinion, it will function only nominally.

Why Kazakhstan Introduces Quotas for Women and Young People?

On May 25, the president of Kazakhstan Kassym Zhomart-Tokayev signed amendments to the elections law. They introduce mandatory 30 per cent quotas for women and young people into voting lists of political parties. (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: Journalists’ and Civil Society Activists’ Role in Countering COVID-19 Coronavirus in Tajikistan 31.05.20

Tajikistan confirmed the first COVID-19 cases only on April 30, and became one of the last Central Asian countries to report it (except Turkmenistan, which still reports the absence of coronavirus). At first, the country’s healthcare system was not prepared for the pandemic. The citizens of the republic themselves assisted doctors and healthcare workers. (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: How to Resolve Conflicts on the Border Between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan? 28.05.20

For many years, the border problems between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan can not only be resolved, but they often go into a pressing conflict phase. This issue of the podcast is dedicated to finding answers to current questions on this topic.