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Online Petitions in Central Asia: How Do They Work? 07.08.20

In 2019 and early 2020, about 90 petitions from Central Asian countries were published on the popular platform (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: Myths and Realities of Regional Cooperation in Central Asia During a Pandemic 03.08.20

What has the coronavirus pandemic revealed about regional cooperation in Central Asia? Will the format of the consultative meetings continue? Will there be regional responses to the pandemic and economic crisis?


“They Want to Hack and Compromise You”: What Do You Know about Internet Safety?

Daniil Lyapichev 29.07.20

Take a quiz and learn how well you know how to protect yourself on the internet and what to do if you were hacked.


Tajikistan: New Legislative Amendments Will Affect Journalists 22.07.20

On June 10, the Majlisi Namoyandagon of the Majlisi Oli (the Lower Chamber of the Tajik Parliament), approved amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code. They toughen the punishment for intentional dissemination of false information in the media and online amid the appearance and spread of dangerous diseases. Civil society and journalists oppose the adoption of these amendments and address the country’s President Emomali Rahmon urging him to reject the bill. We answer questions on why these amendments should not be adopted. (more…)

District Houses of Culture Restored in Tajikistan. The Future of Rural Clubs Remains Unclear 18.07.20

Dozens of clubs or cinema theaters in rural areas in Southern Tajikistan, where people used to watch movies and concerts after finishing work on the farms, fell into disrepair after the Soviet Union collapse. Many of them were remodeled; others were almost destroyed. However, the authorities promise that the clubs will resume their work soon.


Changes in The Wage Levels in Central Asia Against the US Dollar

Altynay Karimova 09.07.20

How much the average monthly wage in Central Asia had changed against the US dollar over the past decade?


5-Stan Podcast: The Problems of Tourism Industry Development During the Crisis Following COVID-19 Pandemic in Tajikistan 30.06.20

The world has yet to assess the damage from the economic crisis that erupted during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, its destructive consequences appear already, and the tourism industry was the first to experience them. This podcast episode reveals how tourism in Tajikistan was affected and whether the damage to this sector of the country’s economy can be reduced. (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: Journalists’ and Civil Society Activists’ Role in Countering COVID-19 Coronavirus in Tajikistan 31.05.20

Tajikistan confirmed the first COVID-19 cases only on April 30, and became one of the last Central Asian countries to report it (except Turkmenistan, which still reports the absence of coronavirus). At first, the country’s healthcare system was not prepared for the pandemic. The citizens of the republic themselves assisted doctors and healthcare workers. (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: How to Resolve Conflicts on the Border Between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan? 28.05.20

For many years, the border problems between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan can not only be resolved, but they often go into a pressing conflict phase. This issue of the podcast is dedicated to finding answers to current questions on this topic.


The armies of the countries of Central Asia: numbers and real combat effectiveness

Zulfiya Raissova 22.05.20

After the USSR collapse, all the republics that gained independence created their own armed forces. decided to analyze military strength of the Central Asian countries.