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Zulfiya Raissova 27.11.20

Every 20th taxi ride ends with harassment of interviewed women. Most often, women do not know how to react to harassment, so they prefer to keep silent until the end of ride. After the trip ends, they try to forget about what happened. Moreover, the women said that most often, taxi drivers ask questions about their private lives, try to get to know each other closer, and if a woman refuses, they block the doors. (more…) 25.11.20

The queues at currency exchange offices in Tajikistan do not surprise anymore. People line for days to buy $200 in the banks in the country. In addition, the somoni-dollar rate keeps declining over the last days. 23.11.20

Even after thirty years, Lenin monuments and Soviet symbols still evoke nostalgia not only among Tajik communists, but also among ordinary residents of Tajikistan. The followers of communist ideology preserve some of the monuments, while others decay in abandoned places, where they were stored after dismantling.

(more…) 18.11.20

The need to flee Taliban and the protracted war in Afghanistan, drive Afghan refugees to Tajikistan – a country in close proximity and a coveted safe place. (more…) 11.11.20

The number of divorces is constantly growing in Tajikistan. This leads to numerous problems, especially for young women, who are traditionally parented to become only wives and mothers. Young women are left alone without education and profession, with little children, often without support of their parents who cannot provide for them.

(more…) 04.11.20

Dozens of countries suffer from the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic now. In many of them, the number of diseases is even higher than before. It’s critical in this situation not only to practice hygiene, communications, prevention, but take this information very carefully.
(more…) 26.10.20

In recent years, the term ‘sexual harassment’ and associated scandals frequently appear in media. For Central Asia, the term is relatively new, but this does not mean that there is no harassment in the countries of the region.
(more…) 22.10.20

This is a story of a Tajik woman who spent more than half of her life on the streets.

When a person finds himself in a difficult circumstances, loses a house, when there is no money to rent an apartment, many other problems arise. Later, it is very difficult to return to normal life. (more…) 21.10.20

The COVID-19 pandemic, borders closure, movement restrictions and quarantine introduction complicated the labour migrants’ lives. (more…)

Asel Sultan 20.10.20

Despite the international organisations’ recommendations to terminate the list of professions banned for women, it still exists in almost all Central Asian countries. (more…)