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“They say” Podcast: Is it true that people who practice Islam should be feared?

The current situation in the world has made many of us hostage to stereotypes and misunderstandings.

In the second episode of the podcast “They Say” we discuss an important and poignant stereotype – it is related to the topic of religion. And she, as you know, is often the cause of many social disagreements and even armed conflicts.

“They say that people who profess Islam should be feared” is the topic of our discussion. During the conversation, we tried to find out where the reasons for the emergence of such a judgment lie, how to deal with this stereotype, and who should be puzzled by this struggle.

We invited Kadyr Malikov, the theologian, Deputy Mufti of the Kyrgyz Republic, director of the independent analytical center “Religion, Law and Politics” as an expert.

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