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“They say” Podcast: Is It True That Migrants Are Not Welcomed in Any Country?

What are the consequences of the stereotypes about labour migrants? How does they affect the lives of migrants and the local population of the host country? Why is it necessary to address the issues of overcoming the stereotypical perception of labour migrants in a society and who should do this?

The first episode of the “They Say” Podcast focuses on the stereotypes associated with labour migrants. The hosts from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Olya Kovaleva and Muslimbek Buriev focused on this topic for a reason. For all Central Asian countries, the issue of migration is important, since every year an increasing number of citizens leaves to work abroad.

Meanwhile, the positive and negative news related to labour migrants regularly appear in the media. Some of them are capable of shaping public opinion. The hosts turned to Anar Musabaeva, an independent political scientist, author of materials on migrants for her expert opinion, and discussed the difference between the “expat” and “labour migrant” concepts.

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