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The Kyrgyz currency – som. What do you know about it? Take a quiz!

Despite the weak economy of Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz som is considered one of the stable currencies in the CIS. You can learn about this and other interesting facts from our quiz.

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Kyrgyzstan was one of the first to introduce its own currency after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite the collapse of the USSR, the Soviet rouble had been a legal tender for some time in the CIS. The immediate and timely decision of the Kyrgyz leadership regarding their own currency has affected the transition from the command economy to market economy and strengthening of the national currency.

Interestingly, the Kyrgyz som is quite reasonably recognised as one of the most stable currencies in the CIS by experts. Unlike its rich neighbours, Kyrgyzstan has never devalued its currency, and the rise in inflation, compared to the currencies of other ex-Soviet countries, has been and remains slow and smooth. It can be inferred by the rate of the American dollar. It costs 85 Kyrgyz som, 421 Kazakh tenge and 10,503 Uzbek sum. Take our quiz and learn other secrets of the Kyrgyz national currency ‘som’.

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