Kazak Journalists Face Routine Harassment

Asel Sultan 30.10.20

Although the media is protected by law, beatings and illegal detentions are common.


Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uzbekistan: Will Expectations Come True?

“From time to time, negative incidents related to the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as the use of torture, beatings and frequent cases of corruption in the ranks of the internal affairs bodies, only strengthen the negative attitude of ordinary citizens towards their “defenders”, mentions Farkhod Mirzabaev, an independent analyst, participant of the CABAR.asia School of Analytics from Tashkent.


The history of torture in Kyrgyzstan: “Used combat sambo techniques to protect oneself”

According to the Coalition against Torture, in Kyrgyzstan torture is used systematically and remains a common practice in prisons, boarding schools and senior centres. In Kyrgyzstan, local judges have considered 44 criminal cases upon statements of torture. (more…)

Strengthening and Vulnerability of the Kyrgyz Police in the Fight Against COVID-19

Anna Zubenko 19.05.20

«Against the background of expanding the powers of the law enforcement agencies and limiting control mechanisms, the risks of corruption, unlawful actions and abuse of authority has increased,» mentioned by researcher Anna Zubenko, in her article written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Making a Fortune. How to Make Profits from Corruption in Kazakhstan

Gulnaz Mustafa 05.02.20

“Is it possible to make a fortune fast?” I asked my interlocutor. I travelled 400 km to him to find out how he managed to succeed so fast – at the age of 45 – and to have everything: successful business, real property in elite districts of the capital, car fleet, a chain of stores, a recreation site at the lakeside. (more…)

Police Reform in Tajikistan: What Should Be the Priority?

Muslimbek Buriev 21.10.19

Tajik authorities expect the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to strengthen the potential of the police in order to combat crime and ensure internal security. However, civil society expects these changes to also be a step forward in the fight against torture and ill-treatment. 


Is It Possible to Reform the Kazakh Police in the Near Future?

Dimash Alzhanov 04.02.19

“The activities of the police in Kazakhstan are mainly focused on protecting the regime and, to a lesser extent, on meeting the needs of the population for the protection of public order. The authorities began to demonstrate some readiness for limited reform only with the growth of social discontent. This is the main difference and hope that the reform agenda has a chance to form a movement in the right direction”, –  political analyst Dimash Alzhanov notes in his article written specifically for the analytical platform CABAR.asia.