open skies

Aviation Reforms in Uzbekistan: New Yet Old?

Bakhrom Radjabov 12.06.20

“If the government of Uzbekistan truly wished to liberalize the aviation industry, it needs to renounce the support for the national air carrier,” said political economist Bakhrom Radjabov in an article just for (more…)

Can “Open Skies” Policy Lead to a Tourist Boom in Tajikistan?

Aziz Timurov 10.06.20

“Open Skies policy – liberalization of the national air transportation market may become one of the conditions for the growth in the number of foreign tourists,” mentioned Aziz Timurov, a participant of the School of Analytics. (more…)

Implementation of the “Open Skies” Policy in Central Asia

Askar Mukashev 19.01.19

The topic of “open skies” from the air carriage industry in recent years has increasingly begun to sound both in the media and in the lobbies of the governments of Central Asian countries. The reason for the actualization of this issue is the national interests of each of the states of the region on the development of the domestic aviation industry to increase revenues, increase trade, develop tourism and attract foreign investments.