Farkhod Tolipov 28.07.20

«The closeness or closure of Uzbekistan is essentially a new false stereotype that appeared under the influence of the huge impressions of the large-scale reforms that were initiated with the coming to power of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev,» mentioned Farhod Tolipov, director of the non-state scientific institution “Caravan of Knowledge” (Караван знаний), in an article, written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Sanjar Saidov 11.05.20

In April 2020, a decree was issued on the establishment of the Public Chamber under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The activity of the chamber is to establish a dialogue between the state, citizens, and civil society institutions. Political scientist Sanjar Saidov shared some views on the creation and future work of this chamber, in an article for CABAR.asia.


Rafael Sattarov 17.03.20

“Multiple new departments and agencies, a lack of political will to loosen the grip on the non-state sector, conflicting gender policy, big decisions taken behind closed doors – all will endure determining political and economic trends in Uzbekistan,” notes political scientist Rafael Sattarov in his article for CABAR.asia. (more…)

«Tashkent needs to find its niche to re-squeeze into the circle of players defining the Afghan agenda. The main indicators of success will be the launch of intensive economic cooperation (at least with the northern regions of Afghanistan), successful implementation of transport and logistics projects, and the expansion of educational programs», – notes Yuriy Sarukhanyan, an expert on international relations, a participant of the CABAR.asia School of Analytics from Tashkent.