“Rented As a Furniture”. The Migrants from Central Asia Are the Majority of Those Enslaved in Russia

CABAR.asia 10.08.20

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis, experts predict a new wave of the forced labor slavery in Russia. (more…)

The Impact of Global Economic Recession on Kyrgyz Labor Migrants in Russia

“The Kyrgyz government is yet to provide a plan to effectively mitigate the impact of the global financial crisis,” notes analyst Konstantin Larionov in his article for CABAR.asia. (more…)

Homeland Cannot Help. Thousands Central Asians Stranded Abroad Due to Coronavirus

CABAR.asia 13.04.20

Not everyone managed to receive the assistance from the governments of Central Asian countries in due time. At the moment, many cannot return home, since the borders are closed.


Tajikistan: Fuss Over Internal Passports Replacement

CABAR.asia 08.08.19

Tajikistan citizens claim that an additional fee is charged for a passport replacement, but law enforcement officials deny this. Officials admit that the deadlines for the government decree implementation have to be extended.

Migrants in New Villages in Southern Tajikistan: No Electricity for Years and No Knowing When It Will Appear

CABAR.asia 14.05.19

Under Tajik authorities’ order, over the past few years, dozens of families from the Gorno-Badakhshan region, Rasht and Kulob voluntarily moved to the south of the country. However, many migrants are dissatisfied with the new situation and complain about difficult living conditions.