Dastan Akkozha 18.01.21

The election of the new members of the lower house of Kazakhstan parliament was held on schedule on January 10 for the first time in 16 years. Although, this process could hardly be called the election: independent candidates could not be elected, whereas opposition parties in Kazakhstan were denied registration under the pretext of incorrectly completed documents.


Zulfiya Raissova 10.09.20

According to experts, cruelty to animals must be deemed a criminal violation. (more…)

Why Kazakhstan veterans of Afghan War are unhappy with the law “On veterans” to be adopted in their country, what should it contain in their opinion, and how they are going to achieve that. These are the things that were told to by Sharipbai Utegenov, a chair of the Union of Veterans of Afghan War and local wars of Kazakhstan and a deputy chair of the Committee for Internationalist Soldiers Affairs of the council of the heads of CIS member state governments.


Kyrgyzstan wants again to bound non-profit organisations (NPOs) to account for their sources of income and expenditures.

Aizada Toma 18.12.19

In Kyrgyzstan, every fourth woman experiences work harassment. (more…)