The realities of Kazakhstan’s youth policy  

Anuar Temirov 19.08.19

«The main reason why the young generation leaders of the country fail is the deprivation of freedom of action by political heavyweights, who manifest themselves in constant guardianship, as well as an excessive fear of making a mistake while on the post. In addition, it is worthwhile to understand that it is impossible for one young minister to change the system that has developed over the years by 360 degrees, which leads to further disappointments and failures,» – Anuar Temirov, a young analyst from Nur-Sultan, notes in his article written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Numbers of Convicted for Inciting Hatred Increase in Kazakhstan

Bagdat Asylbek 14.08.19

They are listed as extremists and even after release those convicted under article 174 of the Criminal Code encounter severe barriers to employment and earnings.

Towards “New Life” with Old Templates: Three Pastors of Protestant Church Convicted in Kazakhstan

Andrey Grishin 07.08.19

In Kazakhstan, the state “defeated” a large protestant church “New Life”. Three pastors were found guilty on a series of charges based on the collection of alms.

Bullying in Schools of Kazakhstan: The Age of Bullies Gets Younger

According to experts, Kazakhstan has neither a thought-out anti-bullying policy, nor a protocol of response to bullying at schools.


Board of (Dis)trust. What Went Wrong in the National Board of Public Trust of Kazakhstan?

Bagdat Asylbek 30.07.19

The National Board of Public Trust established by president Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev after his victory in elections will start working in August. Some see it as a great advantage noting that the new head of state is going to regain the trust of the people. Some see a canny move in it to get the protesting voters back from the streets and retain his legitimacy after the criticism by international observers at presidential elections.


What Hinders IT Development in Kazakhstan?

Asel Sultan 24.07.19

According to specialists, the weaknesses of IT sphere in Kazakhstan are small market, high dependence on import, and staff shortage. 

Kazakhstan Wants to Toughen up Punishment for Poaching

CABAR.asia 17.07.19

They suggest replacing penalties with imprisonment, leaving out conditional releases, and forfeiting weapons and vehicles to the Okhotzooprom. These amendments may be adopted by the end of 2019.

The Analysis of Reasons and Consequences of Unemployment in Kazakhstan

«Today, there is an overabundance of humanitarian specialists and a shortage of technical personnel in the labor market of Kazakhstan, and therefore foreign workforce specialists are a temporary alternative solution to promptly meet the needs of enterprises for highly skilled labor», – Zamira Zholdaskyzy, an analyst at the Center for the Development of Labor Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a participant of the CABAR.asia School of Analytics from Nur-Sultan.


Tourism in Kazakhstan: Bad Roads, Inflated Prices

CABAR.asia 15.07.19

70 per cent of Kazakhstanis prefer to relax abroad rather than go to domestic health resorts. This is cheaper, more comfortable and affordable.

Doing Business-2019: Business In Kazakh Way

Askar Mukashev 12.07.19

According to the research of the World Bank ranking, Kazakhstan entered the top 30 leading countries for ease of doing business for the first time, thus 2019 in the country was marked by this fact. This indicator turned out to be the best among the countries of Central Asia and ahead of many advanced economies of the world. What is the secret of success and who felt the ease of doing business in the Kazakh market?