“During the years of independence, Kazakhstan has taken a number of progressive measures in the field of combating gender inequality. Despite this, the problem of inequality is still relevant and requires further effective work,” said Ayim Saurambayeva, a lawyer in the field of international law, in an article, written specifically for


Dastan Akkozha 18.01.21

The election of the new members of the lower house of Kazakhstan parliament was held on schedule on January 10 for the first time in 16 years. Although, this process could hardly be called the election: independent candidates could not be elected, whereas opposition parties in Kazakhstan were denied registration under the pretext of incorrectly completed documents.


Louisa Atabaeva 23.06.20

According to the presidential decree, starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, a 4% budget quota for female applicants to universities will be introduced In Uzbekistan. Below, we examine the details. (more…)

Zulfiya Raissova 05.06.20

Experts are not confident that 30% quota for women and youth will significantly change the political agenda of Kazakhstan. In their opinion, it will function only nominally.

In 2019 6,145 cases of domestic violence were registered in Kyrgyzstan, according to the ministry of interior affairs.
Most often, women were the victims of domestic violence — 5,659 reported cases or 92%. (more…)

Rafael Sattarov 17.03.20

“Multiple new departments and agencies, a lack of political will to loosen the grip on the non-state sector, conflicting gender policy, big decisions taken behind closed doors – all will endure determining political and economic trends in Uzbekistan,” notes political scientist Rafael Sattarov in his article for (more…)

Malika Baiazova 06.03.20

Overcoming gender inequality is still a relevant task for Kyrgyzstan. This is a big problem and it concerns the labour market. (more…)

One third of Kyrgyzstanis wants to see more women in politics, while the majority of people thinks that women should fulfil themselves in social sphere and household.

(more…) 27.01.20

Fighting back the husband’s and his relatives’ abuse is a rare case for a Tajik woman. However, when it occurs, the law and its officers join the abusers.
(more…) 27.12.19

The year of 2019 was very intensive for Central Asian states. Let’s remember the most important events of the departing year according to the materials of journalists.