How to Become Financially Literate? Explanation with Cards

Anara Abdullaeva 26.11.20

Money handling requires knowledge and skills. Especially in such countries as the republics of Central Asia, where, according to various estimates, almost one third of population live below the poverty line.

Kyrgyzstan: the year of 2020 showed clearly dependence of the budget from external sources

Due to political situation, some foreign partners of Bishkek authorities suspended financial assistance. (more…)

Oil, Coronavirus and Recession: What Awaits the National Currency of Kyrgyzstan?

The national currency of Kyrgyzstan has become cheaper in just two weeks of March for over 20 per cent against the American dollar. This is one of the worst indicators among EAEU countries. (more…)

Bank Loans for Business Were Discussed at IWPR Round Table in Dushanbe 06.03.20

The problems of access to the bank loans for small and medium enterprises were discussed at a round table hosted by IWPR Tajikistan in Dushanbe.


Rogun HPP: Financial Problems, Accident and Non-Transparency 31.05.19

The largest construction site in Tajikistan, the Rogun HPP, is experiencing financial and technical problems alongside the non-transparent financial processes. expert doubts that the authorities will be able to complete construction without investors.