domestic violence

Uzbekistan: Domestic Abuse during Coronavirus Continues

Dana Oparina 20.05.20

Women and children have nowhere to go from the abuser during the lockdown and self-isolation period. (more…)

Authorities of Kyrgyzstan Speak of Rise in Domestic Violence during Lockdown 04.05.20

Lockdown and financial problems cause jumpiness in families and lead to conflicts and violence.


Kazakhstan: Domestic Violence Complaints Doubled, but Nowhere to Run From the Abuser

In Kazakhstan, women’s organizations are raising alarm and calling on authorities to take action against abusers and aggressors.


Tajikistan: When Justice Assaults a Woman 27.01.20

Fighting back the husband’s and his relatives’ abuse is a rare case for a Tajik woman. However, when it occurs, the law and its officers join the abusers.

Right of Self-Defence, or Why Kyrgyz Laws Don’t Protect Victims of Domestic Violence?

Erkina Asanbaeva 02.09.19

Kyrgyzstan doesn’t have separate laws protecting the victims of violence in case of self-defence. According to experts, women are brought to trial and almost always found guilty.