domestic violence

What Prevents the Domestic Violence Criminalization in Kazakhstan and Why Is It Necessary?

Assem Zhapisheva 06.08.20

In 2017, domestic violence was removed from the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan. At the same time, according to the public fund “” (“Do Not Be Silent” – tr.), an average of 120 rapes, 5232 beatings, 72 injuries, 14 murders and 48 suicides of women is registered per month in the country. (more…)

Robberies and Thefts Increase in Tajikistan 03.07.20

COVID-19-related restrictions have led to increase in the number of robberies, thefts and domestic violence cases in Tajikistan. (more…)

Why Care About Feminism in Kyrgyzstan?

“Although the country’s legislation does not provide for discrimination, a de facto large number of cases of gender-based violence indicate the systemic failure of at least the judicial system,” said Gulzada Rysbekova, an independent researcher in the field of international relations, in an article just for (more…)

Uzbekistan: Domestic Abuse during Coronavirus Continues

Dana Oparina 20.05.20

Women and children have nowhere to go from the abuser during the lockdown and self-isolation period. (more…)

Authorities of Kyrgyzstan Speak of Rise in Domestic Violence during Lockdown 04.05.20

Lockdown and financial problems cause jumpiness in families and lead to conflicts and violence.


Kazakhstan: Domestic Violence Complaints Doubled, but Nowhere to Run From the Abuser

In Kazakhstan, women’s organizations are raising alarm and calling on authorities to take action against abusers and aggressors.


Tajikistan: When Justice Assaults a Woman 27.01.20

Fighting back the husband’s and his relatives’ abuse is a rare case for a Tajik woman. However, when it occurs, the law and its officers join the abusers.

Right of Self-Defence, or Why Kyrgyz Laws Don’t Protect Victims of Domestic Violence?

Erkina Asanbaeva 02.09.19

Kyrgyzstan doesn’t have separate laws protecting the victims of violence in case of self-defence. According to experts, women are brought to trial and almost always found guilty.