Uzbekistan: Why the Reform of “Merciless” Houses is Stuck?

Dilmurad Yusupov 22.06.20

“Deinstitutionalization reform of the orphanages in Uzbekistan is impossible without preventing the placement of children in state institutions and strengthening social protection measures for vulnerable families, developing family forms of placement of orphans and children left without parental care, professional training of social workers, trainings for foster parents and introducing inclusive education” – noted experts Dilmurad Yusupov and Takhir Mirzhaparov in an article, written specially for


Reforming Children’s Residential Institutions in Kyrgyzstan

“The country’s socio-economic profile, the large outflow of labor migrants, the low social support for children with disabilities, poor social services and preventive framework to forestall children being placed in residential units – all these factors indicate that children end up now and would yet be placed in childcare facilities”, – said Aigerim Arzymatova, participant of School of Analytics , in an article for (more…)

Kazakhstan: End of the Orphanage Era?

“Measures to reduce the number of children in orphanages in Kazakhstan at the moment cannot be called effective due to the underdevelopment of measures to prevent children from entering orphanages and alternative forms of child care,” Aigerim Mussabalinova, a child rights expert, analyzes the problems of deinstitutionalization of children in Kazakhstan specifically for CABAR. asia.