Kazakhstan Drafts New Animal Protection Law

Zulfiya Raissova 10.09.20

According to experts, cruelty to animals must be deemed a criminal violation. (more…)

Experts: Including Animals to the Red Data Book in Kazakhstan Does Not Help Increasing Their Numbers

Zulfiya Raissova 02.09.20

The fact that an animal is listed in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan does not always positively affect its conservation, experts believe.


Hunting Animals Listed in the Red Data Book in Tajikistan 26.08.20

The number of some animal species listed in the Tajikistan’s Red Data Book has increased. However, poaching remains a problem. (more…)

At Gunpoint: How They Hunt for Red List Animals in Kyrgyzstan?

Every year, Kyrgyzstan grants nearly 80 game licenses to kill red list argali. 32 cases of illegal hunt were registered in three months of 2020.