Ermek Baisalov 08.01.21

Despite the transformation of many processes due to the coronavirus pandemic, the past 2020 was marked by significant events for the Central Asian countries. The editorial staff of the analytical platform CABAR.asia interviewed famous political scientists in the region to mark the most important events of 2020 and to analyze the development of events and trends for 2021.


Navruz Karimov 04.01.21

Tajikistan met 2020 amid uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and protests in several cities. There was no vivid opposition in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Tajik migrants experienced difficulties returning home. Analythical journalist Navruz Karimov tells about the results of the year in details in his article for CABAR.asia.


Ermek Baisalov 08.01.20

The past 2019 for Central Asia marked by significant integration activities and domestic political developments in each of the five countries. The CABAR.asia analytical platform interviewed prominent political scientists of the region to note significant events of 2019 and to analyze their developments and trends for 2020. (more…)

«Lowering the high electoral threshold can significantly reduce the number of votes that can get “lost” if the elected party did not reach the high threshold. When the electoral threshold is below four percent, the proportional system elections facilitates the election of parties for which these votes were cast», – notes a human rights activist Dinara Oshurakhunova in her article for CABAR.asia. (more…)