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Quiz: How Can Kazakhstan Citizens Receive the Treatment With Medical Insurance?

The medical insurance provides the citizens of Kazakhstan with the opportunity to receive healthcare services, regardless of their income. Check your knowledge: do you have sufficient information about your rights under the current medical insurance system?

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Previously, the medical insurance was voluntary, but since 2020, it became compulsory for all Kazakhs. To date, 15.8 million people in the country are covered by medical insurance.

You can calculate the amount of deposits or contributions on the website of the Social Health Insurance Fund by online calculator.

According to official statistics, about 399 billion tenge ($938.7 million) were transferred for compulsory social medical insurance in 2020. The state contribution for insuring economically inactive population amounted to 222 billion tenge ($522.29 million).

Medical insurance covers both routine inpatient care and medicine provision, as well as highly specialized medical services, rehabilitation support, consultative and diagnostic assistance, nursing care and palliative care.

Do you know what kind of healthcare services you can receive free of charge, how to receive the treatment in clinics and how much you need to contribute for medical insurance?

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