Central Asia Institute for Strategic Studies (CAISS)

Building on the expertise and experience of young outstanding Central Asian scholars and experts, the CAISS aims to introduce fresh ideas and perspectives, new insights, thorough analysis to Central Asian Studies. CAISS engages policymakers, experts, the public and academia with innovative ideas and analysis, fact-based research to influence national and regional debates. CAISS primary mission is to conduct interdisciplinary, applied and collaborative research on a wide range of security, political, economic and development issues, provide consulting services and organize academic events with a particular focus on Central Asia and broader Eurasian Neighborhood. Institute’s research is independent and non-partisan. 

Media Policy Institute

Media Policy Institute – an independent, nonprofit organization that is focused on the development of free information space in Kyrgyzstan. Media Policy Institute is a proud successor to the Institute of Media Representative, continuing this activity in view of the ever-changing information world picture. The mission of the Institute for Media Policy is to provide legal assistance to the media of the Kyrgyz Republic, the research and development of the rule base in the information sphere, as well as conducting educational projects for media consumers.   More information can be found at: