Experts / Tajikistan

Parviz Mullodzhanov

Ph.D. political scientist, orientalist and independent researcher from Tajikistan.

Nuriddin Kurshiboev

Chairman of the National Association of Independent Media in Tajikistan.

Zafar Abdullaev

Social Media Producer, Journalist - RFE / RL - Radio Ozodi. The coverage area is Tajikistan (+ Russia as a recipient country of Tajik labor migration), advocacy and media support. From 1993 to 1998 he studied at the Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service, specializing in business economics. From 2019 to this day, he studies at Leiden University, specializing in terrorism and counter-terrorism: a comparison of theory and practice.

Farrukh Salimov

Lives in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He works at the Tajik National University, head of the department - diplomacy and foreign policy, Ph.D. Research interests: Central Asia Region, regional and international security, foreign policy and diplomacy, history of international relations, history of foreign policy of Central Asian states, geopolitical interests of great powers in Central Asia, politics of great powers in Central Asia. He defended his thesis on "Regional stability in the context of the Central Asian strategy of Russia and China (2001-2014)".

Rustam Gulov

The author and administrator of the site, a blogger, media trainer and consultant, an expert on new media, co-founder of Tajikistan's first fact-platform platform and blog platform In his free time he reads, leads a channel on Telegram and creates sites

Guldastasho Alibakhshov

Researcher at the Center for Sociological Research "Mirror", a member of the School of Analytics (Dushanbe). After receiving a bachelor's degree in journalism in 2013, he did his Master degree in economics. From 2014 to 2016 he worked as a marketing specialist in the banking sector and in the field of medical insurance. He currently works as a junior analyst at the Zerkalo marketing and sociological research center.

Marufjon Abdujabborov

CSS RT, RChief specialist. Member of the School of Analytics (Dushanbe). In 2013 he graduated from the Tajik National University with a degree in political science and management. Immediately after graduation, he began working at the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. I started working as a specialist in the Office of Analysis and Forecasting of Internal Policy. In 2015, he took the position of leading specialist. From 2017 to the present day, he has been working as the chief specialist of this department.

Muslimbek Buriev

Independent Researcher from Tajikistan. The topics that he explores are related to the issues of ethnic minorities, regional security and domestic politics. At the moment, collaborates with a media platform - CABAR.Asia, for which he writes analytical articles and briefings. In his studies, he seeks to convey a broad and objective picture of what is happening in Central Asia, in particular in Tajikistan, in the field of regional and security policies. As a part of the EUCAM program, he studies relations between Afghanistan and Central Asia in the framework of foreign and development policies of the European Union. Areas of expertise: public policy, regional security and ethnicity in Central Asia.

Sherali Rizoyon

Sherali Rizoyon has been working in the GRC under the President of Tajikistan since 2010. He did his Ph.D. in political sciences in the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistanin in 2017. He has been engaged in analytical work for more than 9 years. Active participant of the processes in the field of socio-political in the country. Shearly's research interests cover current issues of Tajikistan’s domestic and foreign policy and security in the region, including the prevention of extremism and terrorism. The author of more than 30 scientific publications.

Khidoyatzoda Komron

graduated from the department of history and international relations of the Russian-Tajik (Slavic) University. Chairman of the Youth Branch of Central Asian Expert Club “European Development” (since 2014). Head of representative office of the Eurasian Movement of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tajikistan. Expert of the Centre for Eurasian Studies (since 2016). An intern of the Department of Information, Print, Analysis and Foreign Political Planning of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Tajikistan (August 2015-August 2016). From December 2014 until now, an editor of the diplomatic newsletter MISSION.