Experts / Kazakhstan

Morozov Anton

candidate of political sciences. He has graduated from the department of journalism of the Al Farabi KazNU. He has worked with the Ministry of Information and Public Consent of the Republic of Kazakstan, Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakstan, Foreign Policy and Analysis Centre, Kazakstan Institute for Strategic Studies at the President of the Republic of Kazakstan. In 2006, he studied at the Marshall European Centre for Security Studies (Garmisch-Partenkirchen), and College of security issues and international relations studies (Washington). In 2010, he defended his PhD thesis “The role of the media in ensuring national security of the Republic of Kazakstan.”

Podoprigora Roman

doctor of juridical science, professor of the Caspian Public University. He graduated from the Kirov Kazak State University (1990), major: lawyer, and postgraduate school of the Al Farabi Kazak National University (1993). Since 2008, he is a member of Scientific-Advisory Board at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakstan. Member of Advisory Board of OSCE/ODIHR Expert Group on the freedom of religion and opinion affairs (2000-2010). Deputy Director of Research Institute for Financial and Tax Law (2007-2014). Author of over 100 publications issued in Kazakstan, Austria, UK, Russia, USA, Japan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

Svoik Pyotr

political figure of Kazakstan, deputy chairman of Azat, political analyst and publicist. He has graduated from Almaty University of Energy and Communication, candidate of engineering science. Author of books “The fate of Kazakstan as a state. First steps away from the razor’s edge” (1994, co-author) and “The price of monopoly” (1995).

Trofimov Yakov

religious scholar, member of the Council on relations with religious associations of Karaganda regional akimat, expert of Department for religious affairs of Karaganda region of the Board for religious affairs at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakstan (Karaganda), professor of Karaganda University Bolashak.

Khon Evgeny

he has earned master’s degree in public policy at KDI School of Public Policy and Management (South Korea). From 2011 to 2016, he worked at Kazakstan Institute for Strategic Studies at the President of the Republic of Kazakstan, starting from research officer and ending with head of economic studies department. Research interests: transportation corridors, Kazakstan-China economic cooperation, economic development issues.

Chebotaryov Andrei

director of Centre for Topical Studies “Alternativa”. He graduated from the Al Farabi Kazak National University in 1998, department of political science. Candidate of political sciences. Author (co-author, issuer) of 38 books and over 1000 articles in Kazakstan and foreign periodicals and scientific publications and collections. He has been awarded with the 1st award of the Journalists of the 21st century held by Soros Foundation-Kazakstan (1997) and 3rd award of the contest of journalistic works “Proud of the past, creating the future” held by Kaztransoil national company and Komsomolskaya Pravda v Kazakstane newspaper (2005).

Shibutov Marat

he has graduated from Al Farabi KazNU. In 2000, he earned master’s degree from the department of geography, KazGNU. He works in the field of environmental protection, subsoil management, risk assessment. Publicist and political analyst. Analyst of the Cross-Border Cooperation Association (Russia).

Chernykh Irina

doctor of historical sciences, professor. Chief Researcher of the Kazakstan Institute for Strategic Studies at the President of the Republic of Kazakstan. In 1990, she graduated from the department of history of the Kirov Kazak State University. In 1993, she graduated from the postgraduate school at the Department of New and Contemporary History of European and American countries of the Kazak State University. She has been a scholar of many research scholarships from various funds and programmes. She has over 80 publications in the fields of theory and methodology of security studies and international relations, military-political security in Central Asian countries.

Izimov Ruslan

sinologist, Director of the Centre for Chinese Studies in Central Asia “Synopsis”. He has earned a degree in Oriental Studies at the Kazakstan National Teachers’ University. For six years he was a leading researcher at the Kazakstan Institute for Strategic Studies. He has participated in several international internships in the think-tanks of China, including the Chinese Academy of Contemporary International Relations, the Shanghai Academy of International Studies, Centre for Russian Studies of the Shanghai University of World Languages ​​and others. He is an honorary professor at Xinjiang University. Author of over 50 publications in various periodicals of Central Asia, Russia and China. Area of expertise: sinology (issues of socio-economic and political development of China and its regions, security issues, PRC's foreign policy), China’s relations with Central Asian countries, geopolitics, regional security issues.

Parkhomchik Lidia

senior research fellow of the Eurasian Research Institute, leader of the group for political issues, international relations and security studies. During her career, she has prepared over 35 research articles in Kazakstan (Analytic, Ideas, Kazakstan-Spectrum, Central Asia’s Affairs, Asia-Europe) and foreign journals (Problems of the post-Soviet space, Big Game: Politics, Business and Security in Central Asia, Peace and Politics, Bulletin of the Caspian Sea, Russia and the New Eurasian States), and also co-authored 14 collective monographs.