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Back to School: Almaty Has Met Young Analysts

The main achievement was the creation of our large family of analysts, in which each is unique.


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The young analysts’ program commenced a week before arriving in Almaty when we were assigned to write our articles. And then I realized that this is a great chance for me to get rid of the fear of blank paper.

The week has become a real school. Every morning we, as exemplary pupils, were a little sleepy but still went to classes with pleasure. The course was so intensive that we managed to learn almost all the tools of analytics within seven days. At the same time, coaches did not treat us as freshman students, but they perceived us as experts. It inspired confidence in us and encouraged to actively participate in discussions.

In spite of the program was becoming more complicated every day, we were going to training with even greater interest. The most amazing thing was that by the end of the day we were not tired at all; we remained vigorous and could even hold discussions until late at night. During school, we received a wide range of knowledge: from the very concept of analytics to data visualization and compiling questionnaires.

Among the coaches were those who work in public institutions, and those who have chosen freelancing, and even those who influenced the government decision-making course by their articles.

The school gave me the opportunity to look at the region through the eyes of our neighbors, helped me understand how they live, what issues they care about, how they see the future of their countries. Arguments at training, conversations over lunch and dinner, discussions at the bar – all this was a huge exchange of experience with each other.

I think the main achievement was the creation of our large family of analysts, in which each member is unique and has his/her rightful place. At the same time, all share one goal – to make their own small contribution to the development of analytics in Central Asia.


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