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Almaty Has Become an Assembly Point for Young Analysts from Central Asian Countries

High concentration of eagerness for new knowledge together with leading figures in various fields has become a starting point for the development of a new generation of analysts.


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From April 15 to 21, the city of Almaty became an assembly point for young analysts from Central Asian countries. A high concentration of eagerness for new knowledge together with leading figures in various fields has become a starting point for the development of a new generation of analysts.

Within seven days, the representatives from Central Asian countries within the cabar.asia School of Analytics mastered the basics of an analytical approach, methods of sociological research, writing articles, data visualization, and the most important – studying the life course of the most experienced researchers.

One of the school participants (Aziz Timurov) called people “books”, and it is useful to read interesting books. So we did every day, the audience of 21 students listened to every word of the speaker and absorbed information like a sponge. Day by day, the knowledge horizon was expanding, and we more and more began to realize possibilities of analytics.

Visualization as a communication tool

First of all, I would like to note the practical importance of the information received. Knowledge is not always equal to the skill and students have mastered the algorithm of working with information during the school. Analytics is not limited to studying any problem, finding cause-effect relationships, conclusions and recommendations. An essential part of analytics is presenting your work to readers in an intelligible form. This is where visualization gives you a hand.


With the help of trainers in the school of analytics, we were able to master the methods of visualization and ensure the practical effectiveness of this method’s application. The trainers presented a number of useful tips on a critical approach to visualization, for example, asking one very important question: “what should the reader understand by looking at this diagram”? There were important tips on current trends in the field of data visualization, which will give us an opportunity not only to “cook food” correctly but also to beautifully present it.

Host in himself

Among the speakers were those who, by their very existence, showed that one was still a host in himself. Speaker Yuli Yusupov showed by his example how one person, not occupying positions in the state apparatus, can influence in the direction of improving the welfare and well-being of the country. A professional approach and high-quality analytics, fed with large-scale thinking, can provide an excellent result. In this case, this is the introduction of new initiatives at the state level.


The world is vigorously developing. The competitiveness is being increased in all areas of human activity. Central Asian countries are also moving towards development. The presence of a strong base of analysts is one of the components of a solid and confident development foundation. Therefore, I would like to thank the sponsors of this school not only for organizing the school and giving this opportunity but for contributing to the development of our countries.

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