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5-Stan Podcast: Journalists’ and Civil Society Activists’ Role in Countering COVID-19 Coronavirus in Tajikistan

Tajikistan confirmed the first COVID-19 cases only on April 30, and became one of the last Central Asian countries to report it (except Turkmenistan, which still reports the absence of coronavirus). At first, the country’s healthcare system was not prepared for the pandemic. The citizens of the republic themselves assisted doctors and healthcare workers.

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Zebo Tadjibaeva. Photo: CABAR.asia
Zebo Tadjibaeva. Photo: CABAR.asia

In the latest podcast from Dushanbe, CABAR.asia Editor Lola Olimova spoke with journalist and your.tj website founder Zebo Tadjibaeva about this issue, as well as the difficulties that journalists encountered during the pandemic, the civil society activists’ role in countering COVID-19, their assistance to doctors, and other issues that concern Tajikistan’s population.

“The journalists, in fact, fought three forces. They all got infected as well. At the same time, we had to fight the virus and fight for the right to receive information about the coronavirus, while there was another force. That is, the population refused to receive information and accused journalists of inciting panic,” says Tadjibaeva.

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