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5-Stan Podcast: Are Military Roundups a Phenomenon in Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is the only country in Central Asia where the illegal method of arbitrary detention of conscripts is used in order to fulfill the draft plan. This method is commonly known as “round-up”.

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Raids are organized by military recruiting officers, usually in civilian uniforms, often accompanied by police officers, in public transport, in markets, in shopping centers and other places where people gather. Detentions take place in a violent manner, without any lawful procedures. Young people are detained and forcibly sent to the nearest military enlistment offices. There were cases when parents complained that officers illegally broke into the houses of citizens, detaining young people in their sleep and taking them away like criminals.

In the next issue of the 5-Stan podcast, the hosts, editors of CABAR.asia in Tajikistan, Lola Olimova and Muslimbek Buriev talk to Dilrabo Samadova, head of the Office for Civil Liberties, the only human rights organization specializing in protecting the rights of conscripts and military personnel.

Why such flagrant violations of human rights as “round-ups” and “hazing” are not reflected in the reports of world human rights organizations? Why do young people in Tajikistan treat compulsory military service as a punishment? Why, despite the fact that almost thirty years have passed since the day of the country’s independence, reforms in the armed forces of Tajikistan are taking long and what is hindering it? When will Tajikistan’s military service time be reduced? About all this and other problems on protecting the rights of military personnel in the 5-Stant Podcast from CABAR.asia.

The podcast is available at the following link:

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