Drawbacks of China-Kyrgyzstan relations

“Unlike other countries in the region, there is not a single Belt and Road Initiative project in Kyrgyzstan,” the prominent sinologist from Kyrgyzstan, ex-Foreign Minister, and ex-SCO Secretary-General Muratbek Imanaliev analyzes drawbacks of China-Kyrgyzstan relations especially for (more…)

IWPR and Present Publication “Sinology Schools in Central Asia” 03.10.19

The publication “Sinology Schools in Central Asia: Problems and Prospects” was developed by the IWPR Representative Office in Central Asia together with analysts of the regional analytical platform


IWPR: Experts Discussed the Problems of Sinology in Kazakhstan 05.03.19

On February 27, 2019, the IWPR Representative Office in Central Asia, analytical platform and Center for Chinese Studies “China Center” in Almaty organized a round table on the topic “Sinology in Kazakhstan: the current state and prospects”.


Muratbek Imanaliev: China Is a University That Is Impossible To Graduate From

Ermek Baisalov 28.01.19

«The presence of sinological centers in Central Asia is an urgent need. This is a requirement of not only the present, but also of the past and mainly of the future. In order to cooperate with China, we need to know what it is», – states Muratbek Imanaliev – sinologist, Kyrgyz diplomat, former SCO Secretary General, in the interview for

When Will Tajikistan Start to Explore China?

«The majority of researches on Chinese topics focus on studying the exceptionally positive aspects of cooperation with China. At the same time, any attempts at a more or less critical consideration of various aspects of Chinese expansion in Tajikistan are characterized in the spirit of Soviet times – as “intrigues of external enemies” or “geopolitical competitors” of China», – states Parviz Mullojanov, the political scientist from Dushanbe, in his article written specifically for the analytical platform
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