TAT Railway Project : a Road That Was Never Built

Rustami Sukhrob 15.09.20

The fate of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan (TAT) railway is still unclear, although in terms of importance this project can compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 


Kyrgyzstan: How Suitable Is the North-South Alternative Highway?

Alibek Mukambaev 05.06.20

Kyrgyzstan is now building on credit an expensive mountain road that would need major repairs already in five years. Was there an alternative to the North-South highway? (more…)

Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan: The Border of Friendship and Cooperation or Misunderstanding and Rivalry?

Aydar Amrebayev 30.03.20

“The border cooperation between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan has both constructive and destructive potential, influencing the prospect of regional processes in Central Asia,” an expert from Kazakhstan, Aidar Amrebaev analyzes border problems, specifically for CABAR.asia. (more…)