Kyrgyzstan: Tough Fight against Covid-19 and Pneumonia 27.07.20

The number of bearers of coronavirus and pneumonia has increased sharply since the beginning of summer in Kyrgyzstan. A range of activists and experts are confident that pneumonia is directly related to Covid-19. After the criticism by the public and recommendations given by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the authorities of the republic joined the statistical data and now the country tops the sad rankings of the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus. (more…)

Tajikistan: transparency is needed to effectively fight the coronavirus [interview] 18.05.20

Mirzo Hojimuhammad, a top Tajik doctor, notes that the authorities were late in recognizing the existence of the coronavirus. (more…)

Tajikistan: an epidemic of pneumonia or is it coronavirus after all? 29.04.20

Tajik authorities still insist that there are no registered cases of coronavirus infection in the country. But the facts of mysterious deaths of dozens of people, transfer of bodies of deceased with strict precautionary measures, and quarantine of their relatives questions these allegations. (more…)