Kazakhstan May Introduce Compulsory Insurance against Medical Errors 28.11.19

In Kazakhstan, the government allocates billions of dollars every year to the public health system, yet the quality of medical services leaves much to be desired.


Palliative Care in Kyrgyzstan: “How Much to Weigh in Grams?”

Nazik Mamedova 04.10.19

Palliative care in Kyrgyzstan is on the initial path of development. Despite significant achievements over the past few years in this area, further work is required both at the level of clinical care and at the improvement level of relevant bureaucratic procedures and legal acts.


How to increase the export potential of Kyrgyz medicinal herbs?

«Kyrgyz farmers are not fully utilizing the existing natural asset for growing medicinal herbs, which are in great demand both domestically and abroad. The cultivation and marketing of medicinal herbs has a long-term perspective for development» – says researcher Amangeldi Djumabayev, in his article written specifically for