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IWPR holds regular trainings for students and journalists from across Central Asia, with their materials published in Russian and national languages on the analytical platform CABAR.asia and in English for international readers on iwpr.net . Articles by IWPR reporters cover current events andsignificant trends that affect the lives of people in the whole Central Asian region.

Tajikistan’s Customs Gives a Go for the Inner Circle’s Cargos

President Emomali Rahmon reiterated customs corruption, which leads to smuggling and budget losses. Parliament hopes for electronic invoices, experts believe that this problem cannot be solved without political will.


Tajik Businessmen Complain About Unreasonable Inspections and High Taxes

While Tajik authorities report about developing business, the entrepreneurs themselves complain about high taxes and unreasonable inspections, close their businesses.


Land for Teachers: Resolution of the Government of Tajikistan Is Not Executed

Every year, hundreds of young teachers in the Southern Tajikistan apply to the authorities to receive the land plots allocated to them, but only a few manage to obtain them.

Travel Agencies in Tajikistan: Law on Tourist Fees Requires Clarification

Travel agencies in Tajikistan are requesting an explanation of the implementation mechanism of the law, which requires tourists to pay a state duty of a dollar per each day of stay.


Fourteen Tajik Prisoners Dead: Mother of the Deceased Does Not Believe in Authorities’ Explanation 

Fourteen Tajik prisoners died when transported from Sughd region to southern Tajikistan.


Why European Union Makes Afghanistan and Central Asia Closer?

Brussels places priority of security and peaceful Afghanistan as part of the new strategy of the European Union on interaction with the region.


Tajikistan: Below the Poverty Threshold

According to official data, 29,5% of Tajikistan citizens live below the poverty threshold. However, according to the experts’ estimates, this index is at least two times higher in reality.


In Tajikistan, It Is Recommended to Bear Less Kids, in Georgia, Maternity Funds Increase

The population in Tajikistan is growing rapidly, while in Georgia it is declining.


New Dushanbe-Tehran Union: Diplomatic Support in Exchange for Investment?

Tajikistan hopes to receive financial dividends from Iran, Tehran is counting on diplomatic support from Dushanbe, experts say. (more…)


Ethnic Turkmen of Tajikistan Preserve Traditions of Their Ancestors

Hundreds of Turkmen families living in the South of Tajikistan remained to live there after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite having settled long and firmly and holding Tajik passports, the Turkmen carefully preserve the traditions of their ancestors, but also respect local customs.



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