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IWPR Tajikistan Conducted Dialogue Meetings on Religion in Four District Centers of Tajikistan

In the centers of Tursunzoda, Shaartuz, Dusti and Nosiri Khusrav districts, the representatives of public organizations and local governments, social workers, staff of Ministry of Education,..

CABAR.asia 07.06.19
Discussion of Migration Flow from Tajikistan to Russia: How to Regulate It and Solve Problems?

On May 23, 2019, IWPR Tajikistan hosted an expert meeting “Migration from Tajikistan to Russia: Analysis of New Trends”. Experts, representatives of state, international and public organizat..

CABAR.asia 30.05.19

Investigations / Tajikistan

The Houses That Beg Built

Chief communications officer of Tajikistan sells apartments in his work office. The head of the Communication Service under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan launched several p..

CABAR.asia 06.03.19
Corruption in the Dushanbe Health Center No.1

“Thank you, doctor. How much is it now?” – “Give thirty somoni, it will be enough.” Such kind of dialogues are typical between patients and employees of Dushanbe Health Centers (as polycl..

CABAR.asia 21.02.19

Opinions / Tajikistan

Increase in Mobile Internet Price: Testing People’s Obedience?

An op-ed of the expert Rustam Gulov on what was a reason behind the decision to increase the price of mobile Internet in Tajikistan and its sudden revocation...

Rustam Gulov 06.05.19
CABAR.asia Develops the Analytical Potential of Young Experts of the Region

Now we will be able to correctly use this knowledge to create quality analytical product available to a large audience...

Aziza Razykova 26.04.19