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All-Online: How Do Central Asian States Celebrate the 75th Victory Day?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the public events ban, the large-scale celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War are not planned this year in Central Asian countries (except Turkmenistan). Celebrations and parades will be held in a new format: as non-contact as possible.



Treatment of Coronavirus Cases in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

While the world continues to develop COVID-19 vaccine, coronavirus cases are treated according to protocols developed in every single country. However, not everyone is pleased with the treatment. Both in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan there are cases when patients refuse treatment.



Residents of Kazakh Flooded Villages Are Waiting for Reparations From Uzbekistan

Five flooded villages, over 31 thousand evacuated residents: these are the consequences of the floodwaters from Uzbekistan for Southern Kazakhstan. The evaluation of the scale and damage the disaster caused will only be possible after it ends. Meanwhile, the water keeps coming. (more…)


Resignation of Dariga Nazarbayeva: Expansion of Tokayev’s Power or A Race for Power?

Political analysts of Kazakhstan explain this decision differently and suggest versions of further prospects. (more…)

Dam Collapse in Uzbekistan. What Will Investigation Reveal?

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Uzbekistan opened a criminal case regarding the Sardoba dam collapse. (more…)


Authorities of Kyrgyzstan Speak of Rise in Domestic Violence during Lockdown

Lockdown and financial problems cause jumpiness in families and lead to conflicts and violence.



Kazakhstan: Domestic Violence Complaints Doubled, but Nowhere to Run From the Abuser

In Kazakhstan, women’s organizations are raising alarm and calling on authorities to take action against abusers and aggressors.


Coronavirus in Tajikistan: Authorities are not demonstrating decisiveness yet

Three months after the global pandemic, COVID-19 has now been detected in the country. Experts emphasize that while the neighbouring countries have passed the critical phase of fighting the virus and are gradually beginning to ease the quarantine, the difficulties for Tajikistan are only ahead.


Tajikistan: an epidemic of pneumonia or is it coronavirus after all?

Tajik authorities still insist that there are no registered cases of coronavirus infection in the country. But the facts of mysterious deaths of dozens of people, transfer of bodies of deceased with strict precautionary measures, and quarantine of their relatives questions these allegations. (more…)


Central Asia: Coronavirus Revealed All Chronic Problems in Health Care

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they have not been solved for years. 



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IWPR Central Asia team continues to work in self-isolation and achieve its goals in developing analytics in the region and supporting media sphere in Central Asian countries. During quaranti.. 05.06.20
IWPR and Chatham House Organized a Joint Online Event “The Impact of Coronavirus on Central Asia’s Development”

On the 29th of May the Representative Office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in Central Asia, its regional analytical platform 03.06.20 Analytical Platform Held Online Meeting With Journalists and Analysts

During the video conference, participants discussed the situation with coronavirus in four Central Asian countries and plans for future collaboration... 27.05.20