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IWPR holds regular trainings for students and journalists from across Central Asia, with their materials published in Russian and national languages on the analytical platform CABAR.asia and in English for international readers on iwpr.net . Articles by IWPR reporters cover current events andsignificant trends that affect the lives of people in the whole Central Asian region.

Will Kazakhstan Take a New Approach to Fighting Extremists?

With new president Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, Kazakhstan has seen minimum progress regarding people persecuted for their political and religious beliefs. The global community tries to make their contribution to this progress. Nevertheless, “religious” trials never end, and it’s impossible to acquit persons charged with “extremism” and “terrorism”. (more…)

What Will 2019 be Remembered for by Central Asian Countries?

The year of 2019 was very intensive for Central Asian states. Let’s remember the most important events of the departing year according to the materials of CABAR.asia journalists.



Parliamentary Elections in Uzbekistan: No Political Reforms to Expect

The recent elections in Uzbekistan have not changed the situation, but demonstrated the liberalization level in Uzbekistan, as experts say. (more…)


Unsafe City: Why Ramps in Bishkek Are Just For Show?

There have been many talks about “smart”, modern and safe city in Kyrgyzstan lately. Although Bishkek is one step closer to the overall digitalisation, the city that doesn’t have accessible environment for certain groups of people cannot be called a safe city.


Infographics: Why China Invests in Kazakhstan?

According to experts, Kazakhstan needs to use Chinese investments as a launching pad into diversification of national economy. 


Sexual harassment in Kyrgyzstan: Impunity and Reprehension of Victims (infographics)

In Kyrgyzstan, every fourth woman experiences work harassment. (more…)


Arabic Language Courses in Tajikistan: A Silent Ban or Absence of Demand?

Officials in Dushanbe deny any restrictions on the Arabic language study, but those willing to study it, cannot find the suitable courses.


Protests in Kazakhstan: From Tariffs to Transition of Power

There’s no official statistics regarding the number of protests in Kazakhstan. Therefore, the only source of information is publications in the media and data provided by non-governmental organisations.


Culture in Kyrgyzstan: Ministers Change, National Policy Doesn’t

The recent scandal with feminnale in Bishkek again emphasised fundamental problems in culture, which cannot be solved systematically. (more…)

New National Bank’s Initiative: Money Transfers’ Protection or Market Redistribution?

What are the reasons for the new initiative of the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) on reforming the money transfer system? (more…)



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How to Cover Religious Issues? IWPR Tajikistan Presented the Toolkit for Journalists on Covering Religious Issues

On February 17, in Dushanbe, a presentation on the application of the Toolkit on covering religious issues in Tajikistan was held...

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IWPR Announces Winners of Online Marathon and Participants of Training in London

Four marathons, 12 winners in three countries. 36 people wanted to win the main prize – a one-week training in the United Kingdom..

IWPR + OSCE Academy: School of Young Analysts 2020

The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR CA) and OSCE Academy announce a call for applications for the School of Analytics for young researchers of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikista..