Events of bureau / Kyrgyzstan

IWPR Central Asia: recommendations of the participants of the regional conference "Religious radicalization in CA: myths and reality" 21.12.15
We would like to introduce for your review recommendations to reduce the threat of radicalism in the region developed by the participants of the Conference 7-8 December 2015. (more…)

IWPR Kyrgyzstan: Roundtable "Radicalization of Islam in Kyrgyzstan: challenges and responses" held in Bishkek 20.11.15
The Representative Office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in Kyrgyzstan, with the participation of representatives of the CIS Antiterrorist Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Commission on Religious Affairs, NGOs, experts and researchers, discussed the main causes of radicalization and the ways to prevent them. (more…)

The problem of radicalization of Islam was discussed in Kyrgyzstan 11.11.15

Representative Office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in the KR organized a roundtable with participation of representative of state bodies, muftiate, experts and mass media in Osh.


Lecture at the IWPR: «The principles of religious tolerance, freedom and human rights in Islam» 07.10.15
Representative Office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in the Kyrgyz Republic held a lecture on “The principles of religious tolerance, tolerance and human rights in Islam” for students in Naryn and Karakol within the framework of the project on the rule of law, funded by the EU and the Government of Norway. (more…)

IWPR Kyrgyzstan: Mass media and NGO network to promote government accountability to society 22.09.15
Consolidation of journalists and non-governmental sector will help promote rule of law in Kyrgyzstan. Mass media and civil society representatives a society created the Mass Media and NGO Network. The network aims to create an enabling environment for building and nurturing a culture of transparency and accountability, respect for general human rights and rule of law, as well as equal access to justice for everyone to needs and wants of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. (more…)

The IWPR conducted training sessions on investigative journalism in Osh and Issyk-Kul 01.07.15
The Bureau for Investigative Journalism of the IWPR has taught the technologies of investigative journalism to 30 journalists from the southern region and from Issyk-Kul and Naryn oblasts. (more…)

IWPR conducted training sessions on investigative journalism in Bishkek 26.05.15
The Bureau for Investigative Journalism of the IWPR trained journalists of Bishkek and Talas oblast in the field of investigative journalism technologies.

IWPR KR Lecture: Principles of Human Rights and Tolerance in Islam 07.05.15
“Muslims of Kyrgyzstan should be an example for others in terms of respecting others and their opinions, sowing peace and creative life on the Earth”, said Ravshan aji Eratov, the deputy Mufti, and Indira Aslanova, a theologian, the head of the research Department of the Center for Religious Studies, in a lecture for students in Osh, Jalal-Abad and Bishkek. (more…)

IWPR Kyrgyzstan: More than 50 journalists from all over Kyrgyzstan have participated in the training on international standards of journalism 29.04.15
The IWPR has completed a series of trainings “International standards of journalism: coverage of human rights issues”, held in Bishkek, Osh and Karakol. (more…)

IWPR Kyrgyzstan: We should not flirt but work with the Muslim electorate in Kyrgyzstan 24.04.15
Instead of using the Islamic factor in short-term political interests, it is necessary to have a dialogue with Muslims and prove the effectiveness of a secular form of government, otherwise they would become even more convinced of the need for a theocratic form of government and make a third Islamic revolution, according to experts at a IWPR round table «The role of the Islamic factor in the upcoming parliamentary elections”.