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Photoreport: Rural Healthcare Requires Support in Uzbekistan 17.11.20

Despite the statements of the authorities that rural healthcare centers were reorganised into family polyclinics in Uzbekistan, there is an acute shortage of medical personnel in remote villages, and many rural healthcare centers are in a miserable condition.


Uzbekistan Simplified Procedure for Obtaining Citizenship: What Changed and How Does It Work? 12.11.20

In September 2020, the amendments to the Law “On Citizenship” of March 13, 2020 came into force in Uzbekistan. It gives hope to many residents of the country to receive the long-desired citizenship.


Quiz: Myths and facts about coronavirus 04.11.20

Dozens of countries suffer from the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic now. In many of them, the number of diseases is even higher than before. It’s critical in this situation not only to practice hygiene, communications, prevention, but take this information very carefully.

Uzbek labor migrants have been left with no means of subsistence during the pandemic 26.10.20

Three stories about how labor migrants from Uzbekistan survived the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. (more…)

Uzbek doctors on the front lines fighting against COVID-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has exposed the most vulnerable areas of healthcare systems around the world. While humanity is looking for a vaccine, doctors were the first to be thrown into the heat of the struggle. They were the ones who closed all the gaps in the ineffective systems.

Three stories about how doctors in Uzbekistan are fighting for the lives of patients and going through the hardest times of the global pandemic. (more…)

What Is Harassment and How Is It Punished in Central Asia?

In recent years, the term ‘sexual harassment’ and associated scandals frequently appear in media. For Central Asia, the term is relatively new, but this does not mean that there is no harassment in the countries of the region.

The List of Professions Banned for Women in Central Asia: Where Did It Come From and Why Is It Needed?

Asel Sultan 20.10.20

Despite the international organisations’ recommendations to terminate the list of professions banned for women, it still exists in almost all Central Asian countries. (more…)

Healthy Food: What is it and How to Shift to it

In recent years, the Central Asian countries see a trending concept of proper and healthy food. It runs contrary to established eating habits in the region. However, every year more and more people start to adjust their diet to this concept. Below are all nuances of the healthy food principle.


Women’s Activism in Belarus and Central Asia: a Trend or Necessity?

Zulfiya Raissova 22.09.20

How did it happen that women became the main force of the protests in Belarus in 2020, whose courage is observed by the whole world, and what is the situation with women’s activism in Central Asia? (more…)

How Much Money Did the Central Asian Countries Receive to Fight COVID-19?

Altynay Karimova 15.09.20

What kind of monetary assistance from foreign organizations did the Central Asian countries receive in the fight against COVID-19 and its consequences?