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The Houses That Beg Built 06.03.19

Chief communications officer of Tajikistan sells apartments in his work office.

The head of the Communication Service under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan launched several points of Dushanbe apartments’ sales operating on the premises of the state body he controls. The apartments sold are built by a private firm of his son. These are the highlights of the journalistic investigation “The Houses That Beg Built” published in a local media (more…)

Corruption in the Dushanbe Health Center No.1 21.02.19

“Thank you, doctor. How much is it now?” – “Give thirty somoni, it will be enough.”

Such kind of dialogues are typical between patients and employees of Dushanbe Health Centers (as polyclinics in Tajikistan are now officially called). According to experts, this shows that corruption has taken deep roots in the field of healthcare in Tajikistan. The anti-corruption body, the General Prosecutor’s Office, and even the country’s Prime Minister are talking about this problem. (more…)

Why Do Isfara Residents Become Jihadists? (Multimedia)

Jamshed Marupov 01.11.18

Our journalistic investigation revealed that “economic problems, lack of money and labor migration” are the main factors of the radicalization of some Isfara residents … But some of the accused also said that their religious freedoms were limited in their homeland. (more…)

Badakhshan: Who Destroys Historical Sites?

2018 was declared the Year of Tourism and Folk Crafts in Tajikistan. It gave certain results. For example, only during 9 months of this year, about five thousand foreign tourists visited the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO). The previously established Tourism Development Department, created under the executive body of GBAO, began working in early 2018. (more…)

Tajik women in IS: victims or radicals? 01.10.18

“We are tired of wandering and witnessing war in a foreign country, we want to be back to homeland as soon as possible”. These are Tajik women’s wishes, who are stuck for various reasons in Syria and Iraq, thousands of kilometres away from Tajikistan. Some of them ended up behind bars, while the rest live in the most terrible of conditions. At the same time, the majority of these women are wanted on charges of radicalism, but many of them do not consider themselves radicals. It leaves an open question: what exactly led Tajik women to the countries even natives are desperate to leave? (more…)

IWPR Tajikistan: The price of irresponsibility: 501 children with HIV, 57 dead 30.03.15

Every year, because of the carelessness of husbands dozens of healthy young women are infected with HIV, which is then transferred to their children. According to statistics, 70% of carriers of HIV are men, who do not warn their brides about the virus prior to the wedding. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon emphasized the key role of healthy and strong families in developing the country, and urged young couples to undergo a medical examination before marriage. However, HIV testing has a fee, public awareness is low, and sometimes people contract the virus in health facilities. (more…)

IWPR Tajikistan: HIV-infected women have no place to live

Once relatives kicked them out of the house, the women, depressed by the state of their health and negative attitudes toward them, have to worry about housing and domestic problems, rather than about their treatment. (more…)

IWPR Tajikistan: Women with HIV facing twice the harassment 17.03.15

According to a survey, 72 percent of Tajik women have contemplated suicide, and 24 percent of them have attempted suicide after finding out about having contracted human immunodeficiency virus. Although the disease is not transmitted through casual contact, due to illiteracy [on the matter], Tajik society prefer to avoid the carriers of the virus, and some even terrorize them. (more…)

Have an uncle? You will be a pilot ! (in Tajik) 03.11.14
“Дарвоқеъ, фурудгоҳро дарвозаи кишвар ва муаррификунандаи фарҳангу маданияти мардуми он меноманд, ки дар хотираи меҳмонону сайёҳон нақши муассир мегузорад, зеро бахусус меҳмонон таассуроти аввалини худро нисбат ба давлату миллат маҳз аз ҳамин мавзеъ, яъне фурудгоҳ ҳосил мекунанд.”

Sherali and Djurahon are not Salafi (in Tajik) 02.11.14
Дар Тоҷикистон аз соли 2009 инҷониб  карда шуд. Ба ин васила пайравони ин равия, ки дар баъзе минтақаҳои кишвар фаолияти  ошкоро мекарданд ва ҳатто масҷид бунёд карда буданд, боздошта шуданд. Баъди судури ин фармон ҳар нафаре, ки ба ин равия дар ҳудудиТоҷикистон шомил шавад, ҳатман ба ҷавобгарии ҷиноӣ кашонида мешавад. Вале коршиносони улуми динӣ ҳадс мезананд, ки пайравони ин равия, барои таблиғу ташвиқи равияи салафия манфиати молӣ доранд. Дар баъзе ҳолатҳо пайравони аслии ин ҷараён дар озодӣ мемонанду ба ҷои онҳо ҷавонони бегуноҳ муҷозот мешаванд. Шояд бо ин васила нақшаи боздошти ин тоифаи иртиҷоиву ҷангандаро пур мекунанд.  Як моҳ қабл, пас аз як баҳс бо имом хатиби масҷиди деҳаи Гулисойи ноҳияи Восеъ, ду тан аз сокинони ин минтақа бо гумони пайравӣ ба равияи салафия боздошт шуданд. (more…)