Articles on Central Asia

Kazakhstan: The Reverse Side of Coronavirus

Today the world speaks about negative, already felt and expected, consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the situation has positive sides, yet incommensurable. (more…)

Oil, Coronavirus and Recession: What Awaits the National Currency of Kyrgyzstan?

The national currency of Kyrgyzstan has become cheaper in just two weeks of March for over 20 per cent against the American dollar. This is one of the worst indicators among EAEU countries. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Why Government Creates Regional Media Centres?

The ministry of culture, information and tourism of Kyrgyzstan creates multimedia centres in order to optimise regional media. Competitions have been announced to fill the vacancies of general directors of regional media centres and heads of media centres in Chui and Dzhalal Abad regions have been already appointed. (more…)

Kazakhstan is Going to Reform National Policy of Interethnic Relations

Following the events in the village of Masanchi in the south of Kazakhstan, the authorities paid attention to the need of systemic analytical work in interethnic sphere. The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan has a task to review its performance and to strengthen its forecast and analysis. 


Kyrgyzstan to Strengthen Higher Religious Education in the Country 18.03.20

The citizens of Kyrgyzstan have obtained higher religious education abroad – mainly in the eastern Arabic countries – for almost thirty years. However, Bishkek is going to change this trend and create conditions for the same education within the republic. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Amnesty International Demands Investigation of Dispersion of March 8 Peace Walk

Inna Aksenova 16.03.20

According to experts, provocateurs and the police were together during the dispersion of the March 8 peace walk in Bishkek. No one has claimed responsibility for the things that happened and the response of the authorities is unclear.


2020 Parliamentary Elections in Tajikistan: The Most Predictable and Smooth 13.03.20

On March 1, parliamentary elections were held in Tajikistan. Seven registered political parties participated in it. All parties, except the Social Democrats, accept election results. Experts say these were the most uninteresting parliamentary elections throughout the history of independent Tajikistan.


Khatlon: Fearsome Pursuit of Knowledge [Photoreport] 11.03.20

Some of the secondary schools in the southern Khatlon region either are in disrepair or are not functionally built for education. However, despite the danger, students and employees enter these buildings every day at their own risk.


Sisters Doing it For Themselves in Tajikistan

Num bers of female entrepreneurs are growing, despite still facing challenges.

Gender-based Opinion of Labour Market in Kyrgyzstan

Malika Baiazova 06.03.20

Overcoming gender inequality is still a relevant task for Kyrgyzstan. This is a big problem and it concerns the labour market. (more…)