Articles on Central Asia

Kazakhstan Wants to Toughen Liability for Paedophilia

Gulnaz Mustafa 21.11.19

However, human rights activists think this is not enough and liability for domestic violence should be toughened as well. It all usually starts with physical aggression, which can one day turn into sexual abuse.


“Go Against National Mentality.” Why Uzbek Artists Are Leaving Abroad? 19.11.19

The conservative regulating organisation, Uzbekkoncert, of Uzbekistan is being accused of the outflow of young talented people abroad in search of an independent scene.

PWDs in Kyrgyzstan: The Unlimited Pursuit of Happiness

Serious disease, disabilities can prevent one from arranging one’s personal life, yet they are not a critical factor in this matter. A few Kyrgyzstanis with health problems have proved it by having created good families.

Infographic: Kazakhstan is the leader among EAEU by external migration

Zulfiya Raissova 11.11.19

According to official data, in the last 10 years more than 321 thousand people left Kazakhstan. This number equals the population size in the town of Semei, where 323,199 people live as of January 1, 2019.  Over 25 per cent of emigrants are people in the age of 15 to 28 years old.


Caspian Cooperation as a Way to Solve Economic Problems of Turkmenistan

Elena Kosolapova 08.11.19

Turkmenistan is now in vital need of extra resources, but according to experts it will be hard to get them. 

Tajik Experts: The Attack on Border Post Is Unlikely to Affect Relations with Uzbekistan 07.11.19

An unknown group carried out an attack on the Tajik border crossing checkpoint “Ishkobod” is located near the border with Uzbekistan. The incident occurred on the night of November 6, Tajikistan’s Constitution Day.

Declarations of Tajik Officials: Who Should Audit Them? 05.11.19

In Tajikistan, over the last three years, public officials are submitting assets and income declarations. Officials themselves believe that these declarations have to be verified. Experts state that this procedure is useless without declarations being publishing. (more…)

Housing for Persons with Disabilities in Kyrgyzstan: First on the Waiting List to Get What’s Not Available

Inna Aksenova 04.11.19

Kyrgyzstan wants to create a special housing stock that would be providing housing to PWDs and orphaned children.

The Future of Kazakhstan: Atom for Peace or Wind and Solar Power?

Khadisha Akayeva 31.10.19

Why Kazakhstan needs nuclear power plant if the country has a developed strategy on development of renewable energy sources that can replace coal power plants?

Self-Defence or Prison: How Victims of Violence in Kazakhstan Go to Jail?

Asel Sultan 28.10.19

According to experts, there is a trend in Kazakhstan when courts hand out softer punishments to abusers, while cases of the victims of violence who injured the abuser while self-defending are registered as murder by default.